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The Phantom Wedding was an innovative live show based on Phantom Manor which combined projection of a newly-created film reel onto the building itself with live elements in the gardens. It featured the Phantom, Melanie Ravenswood, Madame Leota, the Singing Busts, Goliath, and the tombstones of Mary Murphy & Frank Ballard.


While Melanie Ravenswood still waits for her never-arriving groom, it's a night of revels for the dark spirits of Phantom Manor… After stalking through the haunted woods with his hellhound, the Phantom joins in the Singing Busts' song, like Madame Leota herself! In the ballroom, the ghostly wedding guests dance still, as they have been doing for countless years. At last, with the morning, the ghosts are all sucked back into the house…


  • Grim Grinning Ghosts (new arrangement)

Behind the scenes

The Phantom Wedding was a special event for the Halloween of 2004 Disneyland Paris celebration. In preparation for the event, which pioneered projection-mapping in the Disney parks, the Phantom Manor building was covered with white sheets, allowing it to serve as a projection screen.

Melanie Ravenswood's heart-shaped pendant emits an audible heartbeat in the opening scene, in an allusion to The Haunted Mansion’s Beating Heart Bride.

None of the cast or crew of the special is known at present; it is clear, at any rate, that the Phantom is not voiced by Vincent Price, Gérard Chevalier or Bernard Alane, his three established Disneyland Paris voice actors, except insofar as Price's evil laugh is integrated through archive audio during the forest scene.