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The Play's The Thing, also printed as Playtime!, is a comic story written by Vic Lockman, penciled by Tony Strobl and inked by Mike Royer. It features Minnie Mouse, Madam Mim and Captain Hook, as well as the likenesses of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip.


Minnie Mouse is putting a play based on the Sleeping Beauty story, with, of all people, Captain Hook as Prince Philip. But when the actress meant to play Aurora goes missing at the last moment, and Minnie has no other choice but to call on Madam Mim!

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in 1965 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #302. It was only reprinted in English in the Australian Mickey Mouse #133 and #251, and in the British Donald and Mickey #29 and Mickey Mouse #278 under the title of Playtime!, and in a somewhat cut version.