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The Quest for Kalevala is a 1999 story written and drawn by Don Rosa. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Magica De Spell, Gyro Gearloose, the Little Helper, and (in their Disney debuts) Elias Lönnrot, Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Illmarinen, Vainamoinen, Louhi, Iku-Turso and Tuoni.


Sorting through old mementos, Scrooge finds a map to the mythical land of Kalevala, from Finnish Mythology. As soon as he hears about the Sampo, a device from Finnish mythology that can create gold out of nothing, he's off to Kalevala with his nephews — but runs into the ancient god Vainamoinen, the equally-powerful witch Louhi, and more supernatural heebie-jeebies…

Behind the scenes

The Quest for Kalevala was first published in the Finnish book Sammon salaisuus ja muita Don Rosa parhaita 1999 in 1999. In English, it was first published in Uncle Scrooge #334, and reprinted in the Don Rosa Library.

The story is based on the Finnish epic The Kalevala, and was suggested by Finnish fans of Rosa's work who told Don Rosa that he should have "a story where Scrooge looks for the Sampo".

After an editor pointed out a minor plothole (Scrooge came back from Kalevala without his top hat, yet continues to claim in chronologically-later stories that it's still the same old hat he bought in 1902), Don Rosa added a one-page-long epilogue wherein Tuoni visits Duckburg to give Scrooge back the hat.