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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. The Refurbishment was the eighth story, and the second prose work, created by Sara Bardi for Mal's Manor. It featured Melanie Ravenswood and Jake Evans, also mentioning Henry Ravenswood, Martha Ravenswood, Jake, Jasper Jones, Anna Jones, J. Nutterville, Rowan D. Falls, Barry Claude, Sawyer Bottom and Ignatius Knight.


A few weeks after the infamous 1860 earthquake that destroyed Thunder Mesa, Melanie Ravenswood and Jake ponder the feasibility of using the Ravenswood fortune to fix the town and the Manor — as Jake proposes to Melanie — but are faced with the problem of the eternal hostility between the legacy of Henry Ravenswood and the rest of the town.


  • This unofficial short story is a sequel to The Earthquake (2020). It incorporates the revelations of the Phantom Manor refurbishment (2019), notably suggesting that the murders of Melanie's four additional grooms were performed by Henry Ravenswood while he was alive, rather than as the Phantom.

Behind the scenes

The Refurbishment was released in August of 2020.