The Rejected Gift is an illustrated written story by unknown authors. It features Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drizella, Madam Mim, the Jeweler, and Chief O'Hara.

Description Edit

Cinderella finds a ring and gives it to Lady Tremaine. Examining it, Madam Mim tells the wicked woman that the ring is worthless. Tremaine returns the ring to Cinderella and scorns her for giving her a "cheap present". Puzzled, Cinderella takes the ring to the Jeweler, and he informs her that the ring is, in fact, quite valuable. She donates it to a museum, leaving Tremaine enraged that the ring she so carelessly rejected is now on display as a priceless jewel.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Rejected Gift is a story featured in the book Walt Disney's Story A Day For Every Day of the Year: Summer Edition. It appears to take place prior to the events of Cinderella, as Cinderella is still under the control of Lady Tremaine. It is notable as the second appearance of the Jeweler . Madam Mim and Cinderella's stepsisters are featured in the text of the story but not in the illustrations. Likewise, Chief O'Hara is shown in the illustrations of the story but not the text.

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