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The Return of Rebo, originally printed as Paperino e il Returno di Rebo (which would be translated as Donald Duck and the Return of Rebo), is a comic story written and drawn by Luciano Bottaro. A sequel to Bottaro's then-35-years-old classic Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket, it features Donald DuckScrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Rebo and his Generals, Gladstone Gander, Saturnian Cats, a Weepasaur and the Jovian Fisherman. Grandma Duck is mentioned, a puppet with the likeness of Mickey Mouse is prominently featured, and a flashback also shows the Donald-Robots.


An attempt by Scrooge McDuck at a publicity stunt involving aliens unhappily coincides with the revenge scheme of Rebo, the indefatigable and egotistical Supreme Leader of the planet Saturn whom Donald Duck defeated thirty-five years earlier. Both ducks, whisked off to Rebo's humongous mothership in a Saturnian Saucer, discover… a giant toy assembly line. But not all is not as it seems!


Behind the scenes

This story was first published in Italy in its original version in Topolino #2049. An English version by Jonathan Gray was published in America in 2018's Disney Masters #2, alongside the original story.