The Scariest One of All is an illustrated text story written by Irene Trimble and illustrated by Artelier Phillipe Harchy. It features Snow White, the Evil Queen, Norman, the Magic Mirror, and, in his debut, the Duke.

Description Edit

Queen Grimhilde is invited to the duke's annual Halloween Costume Party. Wanting to win the scariest costume contest, the Queen has her royal tailor create her costume after costume. The Queen, finding none of them to her satisfaction, discards costume after costume. Going into her dungeon, she discovers for the first time the famous hag potion, and uses the witch form it gives her as her costume. At the party, the queen nearly wins the prize, until Snow White comes with an even better costume made from the costumes discarded by the Queen! Back at her castle, the Queen wonders whether she will ever scare Snow White…

Behind the scenes Edit

The Scariest One of All was first published as a stand-alone book by Random House Publishing in 2002. It was later included in the Disney Scary Storybook Collection, a collection of stories with a scary theme, in 2008.

The events of the story take place before the events of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as Snow White is still under the control of the Evil Queen, and it shows the Queen discovering for the first time her famous hag potion.

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