The Search for Cyril is a comic story written by Bob Gregory, penciled by Tony Strobl and inked by Steve Steere. It features Donald DuckScrooge McDuckHuey, Dewey and Louie DuckCyril McDuck and Titus McDuck.


Scrooge McDuck has a room filled with memorabilia of the clan McDuck, including pictures of all his relatives… except one, his cousin Cyril McDuck, who was disgraced in the clan for being a spendthrift and now lives as a hermit somewhere in the foggy Highlands. Fortunately enough, Donald Duck's new hobby turns out to be photographing rare wild animals. This is just the kind of skill Scrooge needed, and Donald is soon hired to go look for the elusive Cyril…

Behind the scenes

This story was first published in March of 1960 in Donald Duck #70. It was reprinted in Donald Duck #210 in 1979.

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