The Shadow War, whose two halves are also known as The Night of De Spell and Day of the Ducks, is a cartoon story written by Colleen Evanson, Madison Bateman, Christian Magalhaes, Bob Snow and Francisco Angones, and directed by Tanner Johnson and Matthew Humphreys. Taking place in the 2017 Continuum, it features Scrooge McDuckHueyDewey, and Louie DuckWebby VanderquackLaunchpad McQuackBentina Beakley, Lena De Spell, Magica De Spell, Donald Duck, the Headless Man-Horse, Li'l Bulb, Gyro Gearloose. It also features brief appearances by Roxanne Featherly, Gladstone Gander, Flintheart Glomgold, M'ma Crackshell-Cabrera, Gabby McStabberson, Della Duck, and a bobblehead-puppet version of Darkwing Duck, and the shadows of some Beagle Boys can even be spotted.


While Webby does her best to reconcile Donald and the Triplets with Scrooge McDuck following the revelation of their mother Della's fate, Magica De Spell's plan reaches fruition. Soon the Ducks must band together once again to battle the shadow army raised by the sorceress — and uncover secrets about the true nature of Magica's reluctant helper and "niece", Lena.

Behind the scenes

The finale of Season 1 of DuckTales 2017, The Shadow War was released mid-August, 2018. Its two halves would later be split as individual episodes Night of De Spell and Day of the Ducks.

The title and plot bear much similarity to the episode of the original DuckTales, Magica's Shadow War. The appearance of the Shadow Army and the wide montage of its effect on Duckburg can also be likened to the Slime from Dangerous Currency. (The titles of the individual halves, meanwhile, seem to be a reference to the Doctor Who episodes Night of the Doctor and Day of the Doctor.)

As the finale to Season 1, The Shadow War wraps up many of its plotlines and features appearances by most recurring characters.

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