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The Skeleton Dance is a theatrical cartoon short written by Carl Stalling and directed by Walt Disney. It features, in their debut, four of the Skeletons.


In the middle of the night, the regular business of howling owls and bickering stray cats is interrupted by the rising from their graves of four Skeletons who proceed to use their new lease of life (such as it is) to frolic and dance about!


  • Footage of the Skeletons from this cartoon would be reused in Disney's Halloween Treat (1982) and Happy Haunting (1998). The animation was also reused (but with a new background) as early as for some shots of The Haunted House (1929).
  • Skeleton Frolics (1937) is a loose remake of this cartoon, borrowing its structure and main characters, although in-universe it is best treated as simply another night with the Skeletons.

Behind the scenes

This cartoon short, the first of the Silly Symphonies, was released in 1929.