The Snowman Contest, also known as The Snow Princess or Statues of Limitations, is a comic story written and drawn by Carl Barks. It features Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, a statue of Cornelius Coot (or, according to one aberrant interpretation, his brother Erasmus), Mr and Mrs Astorbilt, and, in their debuts, the Toothbrush-Mustached Mayor, a statue of General Crow, Widow Umble, the Umble Kids and the Giltwallets. Humpty Dumpty and Auguste Rodin are also jokingly mentioned.


A chance meeting with exuberant crackpot Professor Batty turns Donald Duck over to “flippism”, the quasi-religious belief that you should never worry about any important life decisions, and instead leave them up to a coin toss. As he applies these teachings with unfailing enthusiasm, Donald just as unfailingly drags his nephews into trouble…



Behind the scenesEdit

Written in December of 1955, this story was only printed in January of 1957, over a year later, in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #196.

It was reprinted in #331 of the same book as well as in the various versions of the Carl Barks Library. Australia obtained it in Walt Disney's Comics #131 and #225, while it was first serialized in the United Kingdom under the title of The Snowman Contest in Donald and Mickey #45 and #46 before being reprinted in Donald Duck Comic #3 under the title of The Snow Princess and, once more without a title, in World Distributors #29.

The commonly-cited title for the story, used by INDUCKS, is Statues of Limitations, a pun on Statutes of Limitations. However, to the Wiki's knowledge, this title has not actually been used in any English-language printings of the tale.

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