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The Talking Mickey Mouse was a merchandise item released by Worlds of Wonder in the 1980's. On this Wiki, it also refers to the series of audiostories released through it.


The Talking Mickey Mouse was a talking, electronically-animated plush depicting Mickey Mouse, usually seen wearing a yellow T-shirt on top of his usual red shorts, though several alternative outfits were available through the Mickey's Costume Closet label.

Capable of speaking a few prerecorded phrases in the voice of Pete Renaday, the Talking Mickey also came with a series of audio-cassettes which could be played by the doll, now acting as a cassette-player.

These audio stories were full-blown audioplays about Mickey, Donald and Goofy, and enjoyed a full cast. As often with Disney audioplays, they came with an illustrated booklet, bearing the label The Talking Mickey Mouse Show. Thirteen were created.

List of The Talking Mickey Mouse Show Audio Stories

  1. The Impossible Journey
  2. The Magic Boomerang
  3. The Little Lost Elephant
  4. The Missing Meatball
  5. The Littlest Viking
  6. Goofy's Last Waltz
  7. Secret of the Silver Mine
  8. A Mystery in Paris
  9. A Moose on the Loose
  10. The City Beneath the Sand
  11. Follow That Ghost!
  12. The Secret Island
  13. The Great Kite Caper