The Treasure of the Golden Suns is an animated feature film written by Jymn magon, Bruce Takington and Mark Zaslove and directed by Zaslove along with Steve Clark and Terrence Harrison. It is the pilot of DuckTales.

It features Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, El Capitan, Donald Duck, Mrs Beakley, Launchpad McQuack, Webby Vanderquack, Gyro Gearloose, Flintheart Glomgold, three Beagle Boys (namely Burger, Bouncer and Bigtime), Joaquin Slaully, Duckworth and more. The French dub namedropped Edna Vanderquack.


Donald Duck is leaving for the navy, and, thus, leaves Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck to live with their Uncle Scrooge. However, it is not because one member of their usual adventure team is missing that Scrooge isn't looking for a lost treasure as usual… This time, he has his eyes set on the Treasure of the Golden Sun, a fantastic loot left behind by a pre-columbian civilization. Unfortunately, immortal conquistador El Capitan is also looking for the treasure and will stop at nothing to find it after all these centuries, even if it means associating with the Beagle Boys to do Scrooge and the kids in! But our heroes are not alone in this quest that spans lost cities, golden galleons and oppressed sentient penguins, as they are joined with clumsy pilot Launchpad McQuack, no-nonsense butler and nurse Duckworth and Mrs Beakley, and the adorable Webby Vanderquack.

Behind the scenesEdit

This hours-long special was released in September of 1987 as a pilot for DuckTales. It was later broken down into five episodes (with some brief scenes cut from the final episode for time constraints): Don't Give Up The Shift, Wrong way to Ronguay, Three Ducks of the Condor, Cold Ducks and Too Much of a Gold Thing.

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