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The Trial of Donald Duck is a comic story adapted by an unknown writer from a script by Dan McManus, and drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. It features Donald Duck, Pierre and the Judge.


Donald Duck is on trial. For what? Not paying his bill at the fancy restaurant of the mannered but secretly brutish Pierre. Although the case might seem clear-cut and well within the realm of the trouble Donald usually gets into, it soon becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.


  • Pierre is the owner of the restaurant/café Chez Pierre, which appears to be located near a park, itself located near to Donald Duck's current place of work (wherever that is).


  • This story is an adaptation of a cartoon released at the end of the previous month, also titled The Trial of Donald Duck (1948). The story generally sticks to the facts of the cartoon, but made Pierre a dognose rather than a human, and removed the framing device of the trial itself, instead presenting a linear narrative.

Behind the scenes

The Trial of Donald Duck was first printed in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #95, and was reprinted in English in Disney Comics' Donald Duck Adventures #34 as "The Trial of DD".