The Two Darkwings

The Two Darkwings is an unofficial title for an unlicensed comic page by James Silvani, featuring the original Darkwing Duck alongside the Drake Mallard incarnation of DuckTales 2017’s 2017 Continuum Darkwing Duck, as well as the prime Negaduck.


Darkwing Duck's team-up with a parallel universe version of himself predictably results in such endless bickering that Negaduck seems to be gaining the upper hand!

Behind the scenes

This unlikely crossover was drawn by James Silvani at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con at the request of podcaster “Nola Nerdcast”, who soon posted it on Twitter.

Though this was already the popular understanding of the relationship between the DuckTales 2017 canon and the classic comics and cartoons, it was the first official (or, as the case may be, semi-official) story to explicitly show the Prime Universe and 2017 Continuum as two universes whose denizens could, under the right circumstances, interact.

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