The Vanishing Private is a theatrical cartoon directed by Jack King[1][2]. Carl Barks wrote the story, while the music was composed by Oliver Wallace.[1]The film features Donald Duck, Peg-Leg Pete, and introduces a new character referred to as the General. It is the second in a series of shorts to follow Donald on his adventures in the United States Armed Forces.


Donald, still in the United States Armed Forces[3], has been assigned the duty of camouflaging cannons. Pete informs him that his idea of camouflage (red, green, and yellow stripes with black dots) doesn't cut it, and that the weapon must be painted "so you can't see it!"

Taking Pete's words to heart, Donald wanders into the Camouflage Corps' Experimental Laboratory, where he finds and uses a sample of invisible paint. Pete yet again reacts in anger to his work, leading to a chase through the military base as he tries to find the duck, who has now become invisible himself. Things escalate when Pete, thanks to Donald's antics, crashes into a military arsenal and emerges with grenades in hand, much to the General's concern.


  • The title of the short hints that Donald's military rank is that of Private.


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Vanishing Private was released on September 25, 1942.[1][2] It was directed by Jack King [2], with the story having been written by Carl Barks, and the music by Oliver Wallace.[1] It starred Clarence Nash as Donald Duck[1][2], Billy Bletcher as Peg-Leg Pete[1][2], and John McLeish as the General[2].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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