The Vegetable Menace is an illustrated text story. It features Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse (the latter two do not appear in the illustration). Goofy's goldfish, Clara and Cassius, are mentioned by Goofy.

Description Edit

After Goofy sees a scary movie about plants taking over the world, he fears that his plants may try to take over his house. Mickey attempts to calm his fears by having him see another movie with his nephews, but unfortunately for Mickey's plan, the movie is about fish who take over the world - causing Goofy to believe that his two pet goldfish may be out to get him!

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Behind the scenes Edit

The Vegetable Menace was first published in English in 1964 in Uncle Scrooge #54. It was later published in Chile in 1967 in Tribilín #1.

The story shares its title with a Gyro Gearloose story, which, as of now, has yet to be published in English.

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