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The Villains of Halloween Time at Disney is a television live-action short featuring Maleficent, Zeke Wolf, the Queen of Hearts, Grimhilde, Captain Hook and Mr Smee, Hades, Jafar, Doctor Facilier and Cruella De Vil. A pumpkin carved into the likeness of Mickey Mouse is prominently featured.


The Disney Villains frolic through Disneyland on Halloween, causing mayhem ironically backed by a Christmas song, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Halloween being, broadly speaking, villainous types' version of Christmas.

Behind the scenes

This short trailer was broadcast on television in 2017 to promote that year's edition of the Halloween Time event. According to certain unsourced claims, it was also once present on the Disney YouTube channel but taken down for unclear reasons; an unofficial upload did surface on YouTube in July of 2018, lending some credence to the rumor.