The Walt Disney Theater


The Walt Disney Theater, also orthographed Theatre, is a comic series written by Vic Lockman and drawn alternately by Paul Murry or by Tony Strobl and Steve Steere.


The series is comparable to the Italian Grandi Parodie, showcasing twists on classic stories with recurring Disney characters filling the main roles. The in-universe explanation for it, hinted at in the title, was that Mickey Mouse and a large number of his acquaintances were putting on a series of plays based on those classic tales (although in many cases, what was shown in the story went far beyond what could be shown on a stage without using magic).

List of Official Stories

  1. Robin Mickey and the Sheriff of Blottingham
  2. The Two Musketeers Plus One
  3. The Hound of Basketville
  4. 20 000 Weeds Under The Sea
  5. Ali Scrooge and the Forty Beagles
  6. Treasure Island A-Yo-Ho
  7. King Mickey and the Knights of the Hound Table
  8. Rip van Goofy
  9. The Swiss Family Mouse'n'Sons
  10. The Wizard of Bahs
  11. A Lad'n'his Lamp
  12. Bobbin' Hood and His Merry Seven Dwarfs
  13. Gullible's Travels

Associated Stories

Mick and the Beanstalk was released as an additional Theater story, but while it does follow the Jack and the Beanstalk storyline, it features the characters as themselves, casting doubt on whether it is truly supposed to be a play like the other stories in the series.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol is not officially part of the series but features Mickey and his friends (the "Walt Disney Players") partaking in an adaptation of the classic Christmas Carol story, in a fashion identical to a Walt Disney Theater story.

The Play's The Thing was also written by Vic Lockman and features the Disney characters trying to put on a play based on Sleeping Beauty; however, rather than have the play itself as the focus of the story, it dwells on the behind-the-scenes making of the play. It was written in 1965 like most Walt Disney Theater entries, by a Vic Lockman who surely had them on his mind.

Walt Disney Theater Actors

Behind the scenes

Not counting An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol, the Walt Disney Theater series ran between February 1965 and August 1966.

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