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The Wise Little Hen is a cartoon story directed by Wilfred Jackson. It features Donald Duck, Peter Pig and Mrs Cackle, the titular Wise Little Hen, as well as her children.


Mrs Cackle, a peaceful farmer, has just had children and is trying to get help to plant her corn in her field. However, the two idle fellows she asks, Donald Duck and Peter Pig, are both too lazy to help her and both pretend to be sick to weasel out of their duties. Thus, it is with only the help of her tiny children that the poor hen plants her corn. Come the harvest, she makes various delicious dishes out of her crop; this time, Donald and Peter are quite enthusiastic about "helping" her to eat the corn, but the two cheaters quickly receive their punishment when the wise Mrs Cackle gives them both, instead of delicious corn pie… a bottle of castor oil.


  • The mailbox on the main character's house reads "Wise Little Hen", indicating that this is her real name. This is contradicted by a storybook adaptation of the cartoon.


  • A poster of a pig in boxing gloves appears at the Idle Hour Club. A very similar poster had previously appeared in Fiddler Pig's house in The Three Little Pigs.
  • A framed picture in the Wise Little Hen's home shows two roosters boxing. This could be a reference to Cock o' the Walk, a later Silly Symphony that would be released in 1935.

Behind the scenes

The Wise Little Hen was released in 1934. It is based on the fairy tale The Little Red Hen. It is the first animated appearance of Donald Duck, who had previously debuted in print with The Adventures of Mickey Mouse and in radio with a radio program that title of which is unknown. The cartoon was also the first appearance of Peter Pig, Mrs Cackle and the Cackle Kids.