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Theobald, #1000 and the Photographer are three alternative fan-originated nicknames for the ghost of an unnamed human man.

Description Edit

This meek, mild-mannered photographer's ghost arrived in the Haunted Mansion at some point and quickly gained confidence in his ghostly abilities after he succeeded in scaring Horace the Caretaker. He then became the #1000 Happy Haunt of the Haunted Mansion, which did not stop the Ghost Host from continuing to recite his old line about "nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts".

Behind the scenes Edit

The anonymous ghost serves as the viewpoint protagonist of the 2005 comic story Room for a Thousand. He is given no name or nickname in the story itself, and has variously been referred to in fan circles as ‘the Photographer’, ‘Number 1000’ or ‘Theobald’.

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