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The Think Boxes were thought-transference enactors invented by Gyro Gearloose.


The Think Boxes were devices designed to transfer thoughts from one mind to another. As prototypes, in Spring of 1952, a young Gyro Gearloose getting his head kicked into a box by a table lamp led to the lamp getting a zap of Gyro's thoughts, leading to the genesis of the Little Helper.[1]

However, the primary function of the Boxes was to grant intelligence (without any added knowledge or personality traits save for a capacity for speech) to non-sapient animals. Gyro completed the two Boxes in June and tested them by leaving the two on either side of a well-worn path in the Black Forest; as Gyro had planned, several animals (including, at the very least, a a wolf as well as a male and female rabbit) did cross the ray during the following night. The Wolf, who had lost none of his carnivorous appetite in the process, proved too dangerous to be left to roam free, and so Gyro managed to “unsmart” him by doubling the beam back from the “B” box to the “A” box, thereby “causing the polar negative to break up the cosmic positive”.[2]

Behind the scenes

The Think Boxes were central to the first-ever Gyro Gearloose-centric story, Carl Barks's 1952 Ray's A Riot. They reappeared in several later stories.

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