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The “Thinking Rabbit” is a rabbit who was originally non-anthropomorphic, but was eventually granted human intelligence by Gyro Gearloose's Think Boxes.


This rabbit and his “missus” originally lived as two non-anthropomorphic rabbits in the Black Forest near Duckburg. In June of 1952, Gyro Gearloose sought to test his Think Boxes by leaving them on either side of a well-worn path for a night; the two rabbits were among the animals who walked by and were granted human intelligence and the power of speech as a result. The Rabbit, who seemed generally nonplussed by this development, encountered the Ducks the following day and helped them figure out where the Thinking Wolf had gone after abducting Donald. He was last seen trying to beg for small change with which to buy carrots on a roadside.

Behind the scenes

The Thinking Rabbit is a supporting character in the 1952 Carl Barks story Ray's A Riot.