The Thirteen Reflections of Evil is a group comprised of thirteen of the most evil entities to ever exist.

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The Thirteen Reflections of Evil is comprised of thirteen of the most evil entities to ever exist. The group was brought together after Queen Grimhilde discovered an incantation which, when spoken on Friday the 13th in the presence of a powerful supernatural object, would bring together thirteen of the most evil beings to ever exist across time and space. Using her Magic Mirror, she cast the spell, and succeeded in bringing together the thirteen villains. The villains, brought to the present day by a portal created by the spell, were told of the spell by Grimhilde, who convinced them to work together.

Together, the villains decided to use the Mirror to travel through time, recruiting an army of villains, with which they would take over all of history. First, however, they broke the Mirror into thirteen shards, which they hid, so that the spell could not be reversed (how they planned to travel through time following this is unknown, although it is possible that they could have simply cast the spell again using a different powerful supernatural object, of which the assembled villains have no shortage). However, Figment the dragon overheard their plotting, and warned Mickey Mouse, who assembled a team of heroes, the Lucky Seven. Together, the Seven managed to gather the shards and reassemble the Mirror. They then reversed the spell, sending the villains back to their own times and ruining their schemes.

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The Thirteen Reflections is comprised of the following villains:

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The Thirteen Reflections of Evil was established in the Thirteen Reflections of Evil Pin Trading event.

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