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This Mummy's No Dummy is a comic story written by Michael T. Gilbert and drawn by Ignasi Calvet Estéban. It features Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Gilbert, Cleopatra, and, in his debut, King Tut-Em-Snoozem.


After accidentally waking him from a slumber of millennia, Mickey Mouse is forced to follow an eccentric Egyptian mummy around Mouseton and try to keep him from feeling too homesick, even though it seems every form of entertainment the modern world has to offer is inferior to what was available to a pharaoh in Cleopatra's days!


Behind the scenes

This story was first printed on September the 12th, 1994 in the Icelandic Andrés Önd #1994-37, and made its way to English prints less than two weeks later in the British Mickey and Friends #1994-37. It was reprinted in the American Donald Duck #326.

The story gives no explanation for Tut-Em-Snoozem's ability to speak English instantly upon waking up in 1994, nor, indeed, a final answer as to precisely how he wakes up in the first place.