Thomas Edison was a male anthropomorphic dognose.


Thomas Edison was a 19th century engineer and entrepreneur, recognized in the 20th century as the creator of the lightbulb and one of the most successful inventors in History, alongside Alexander Graham Bell and Guglielmo Marconi.[1] Gyro Gearloose remembered his ancestor Alex Gearloose as the original inventor of the lightbulb whose work had been delayed, allowing Edison, who had begun his research later than him, to invent his own, cheaper version and put it on the market before Gearloose was finished.[2]

The truth, however, is even stranger: in 1984, a malfunctioning time machine presented by Gyro himself at an inventors' congress summoned figures from all over Earth's history to the present-day Duckburg. One of them was none other than a certain Mr Edison, who bought a modern lightbulb from an electronics store and brought it back with him when things went back to normal.[3] Gyro himself didn't seem to realize what had happened, and, in 1998, still thought of Edison as the lightbulb's legitimate inventor.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Prime Universe version of the real-world Thomas Edison was first mentioned in 1952 in Carl Barks's Ray's A Riot. He finally appeared in the flesh in the 1984 story Historical Confusion.

Real Edison

Photograph of the historical Edison.

Although the time-travel plotline is obviously pure fiction, it is historically accurate that Thomas Edison was not actually the proper inventor of the lightbulb, merely patenting one of the first truly practical models after decades of research by other engineers into the principles of the device.[5]

In Historical Confusion, artist Euclides K. Miyaura depicted a middle-aged Edison with glasses, a fact not reflected by the historical record.

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