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Thor is a Norse God who has been known to manifest as an anthropomorphic duck,[1] a human,[2][3] or a dognose.[4]


Thor is the Norse God of thunder, wielder of the enchanted hammer Mjölnir, brother to Loki, and the son of the King of the Asgardian Gods Odin. He is generally benevolent, but prone to failing to think things out, giving endless openings for his cunning brother Loki to further his own amoral agendas. Thor is also known as a chariot-driver, driving a flying chariot pulled by goats.[4]

Thor, Loki and Odin were already active in their modern rules during the youth of Hercules.[3] He appears to have attended the wedding of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, like other deities such as Horus, although the Thor shown off by the Genie when listing the famous guests at the wedding bore a striking resemblance to the Genie himself and may have been a simulacrum.[2] After mythology “went out of fashion,” Thor entered a deep slumber in the sky alongside his fellow god Snor, from which he was only awoken in 1943 by the discordant trombone-playing of Peg-Leg Pete.[1] He moved to the mountainous New Asgard with the other retired Norse Gods, and developed a habit of racing with Santa Claus (him in his goat-pulled flying chariot, and Kringle in his sleigh pulled by flying reindeer).[4]

Behind the scenes

The Norse God Thor first appeared in the Disney comics universe in the 1943 Trombone Trouble prose story, adapting the storyline of the cartoon of the same name but switching Jupiter out for Thor. This was only the first of many depictions of the character in Disney media.

Voice Actors

  • Robin Williams (Aladdin and the King of Thieves; possibly being impersonated by the Genie)
  • David James Elliott (Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods)

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