• Could you ask the calculations group to relook at these two calcs? They are currently used on your wiki for laser cannon justification for Star Wars.

    I have critiques on the calcs:

    1. For the first one, these asteroids were from a planet's rings and thus would be made of ice, but the calc assumes they are made of rock. Also, the speeds assumed are kinda weird.

    2. The second calc uses the high end speed of a comet, 70 km/s, but they range from 10-70 km/s and average out at 40 km/s, but the calc doesn't take that in mind.

    3. For both calcs, they also assumed the meteors hit the ships dead on, which didn't happen. They merely grazed or bumped into the side of the ship, and thus the ship didn't take the brunt of the energy. They need to be recalced based on the total surface area hit, though I am not sure how to do it totally.

    May you ask the calc group to look at the calcs and fix them given these issues? It would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    • What the bleeding hell are you blabbering about? What has any of this to do with Disney Comics? 

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    • Dark is a member of VS Battles Will which I cannot comment on, so I conctacted him from here. Sorry

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    • Yeah, this stuff happens a lot. I'm just glad it's Fan and not another tryhard troll for the umpteenth time...

      For the calcs, I know a lot of people were against the first one when i was first posted, so I dunno why it was used. Dunno about the second. I do know there are a bunch of Kiloton grade feats in newer canon media though, albeit mostly done by top level Jedi and Sith respectively, but some done by lower tiers.

      I'll post this in the Star Wars thread to see if it gets any buzz. If none of the calc members take a look at it, then I'll contact a few.

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    • Thanks. This is moreso not for jedi, but for ships. I am a little skeptical of anything past double digits kilotons from for laser cannons, and see this feat as one of the justifiers.

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    • Ah, gotcha.

      There's a ship that vaporized a small hill, which is in the single Kiloton range so Town level ships isn't out of the question. Ant already posted the thread about the calculations, so if that doesn't get any steam, I'll ask the others.

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    • Link to the feat? Is this that mountain flattening feat? If so, that I calculated to only be megatons and was from turbolasers

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    • Thanks, so looking at the feat I should note that with pulverization that mere chain reaction from the explosion and the natural heat energy ensuing would be enough to create the ash. Vaporization is "cleaner" and would result in no ash but just vapor, and a much larger collateral explosion. As such, I am more convinced it is pulverization. Rock doesn't turn into ash, it is ash which would be unbound by the intense pressure from pulverization and then charred by the temperature.

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    • Could you link the calc and note that on the thread that the feat could not be vaporization because turning to ash =/= vaporization and that rock cannot even turn into ash as it is literally a conpressed clump of ash and dirt. It was simply unbound from the energy, pulverized to dust, and charred by the energy. That is not vaporization

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