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    • Thanks! I'm a long time lurker, glad to finally edit here.

      I have a few questions though. I've been curious if this wiki accepts articles based on cartoons based off Mickey and Donald, like House of Mouse and the Mickey Shorts. Secondly, are non-"Duck/Mouse Universe" comics still published/licensed by Disney allowed articles, like the Aladdin Comics, or the upcoming Gravity Falls graphic novels?

      Thanks in advanced.

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    • Any Duck/Mouse universe cartoons are accepted and encouraged. However, any other Disney-published things are not unless they have been established to exist within the Duck/Mouse universe. (for example: Tinker Bell has often been shown in Duck/Mouse stories, so any Peter Pan comics are allowed)

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    • What Drleezan said. Note that Aladdin does indeed have a history of being associated with the Duck/Mouse crew (albeit nowhere near as extensive as Peter Pan), so they're acceptable as well, be it in film, comic or video game form. If you want to see how the franchise of a particular Disney movie stands on the continuity issue, look at the page Walt Disney Classics. (And no, Gravity Falls isn't part of it.)

      That being said, I'd like us to prioritize things that are more well-established as Duckverse-related before we move on to the less well-accepted ties like Aladdin. A good milestone would be not to start on Aladdin pages until at least all of the DuckTales 2017 episodes and characters have been wikied.

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    • Gotcha. Thanks!

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