• Hello, Darkanine! I see you've returned to the wiki! I just wanted to thank you for your edits so far (which have been very good, by the way), and to tell you that we hope you stick around - we could always use more contributors!

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    • Thank you!

      By the way, what do we do with stories without proper names? It seems the early stories in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories didn't properly name the stories, so they're just called stuff like "Walt Disney presents Donald Duck" and the like.

      Would it be "Donald Duck story (*original issue here*)" or something else?

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    • Well, a lot of those stories were later reprinted and given proper titles, so first you should check I.N.D.U.C.K.S. and see if that's the case. If it was never reprinted or never given a proper name in English, find out if it was given a title in another language. If it was, translate that name to English and use it for the title. If the story was never given an official name in any language, it may have a common fan-made name - use that if you know of it. And, if none of these things have happened, the best thing to do is to come up with a name for it, making sure to note on the page that it is not an official title, and use that until a more official name can be found.

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    • Thanks!

      One last question, what's the naming convention for unnamed characters?

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    • Actually, we have much the same policy for those as we do unnamed stories: if the character was named in a foreign language version of the story, use the name they were given there (such as we did with Helmsman Benny, who was named in the French version but not the English), if they have a common fan-made name use that (such as we did with Semiramis, who was never named officially but given the name Semiramis on The Feathery Society  by the comic author Gaucelm - but be sure that you mention the name is only a fan-made name), and if they have neither of those, just name the page something that describes the character (such as we did with the unnamed Angry Cheese Alien).

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