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The Three Blotlings, called the Manchinhas in the original Portuguese, are three young anthropomorphic dogs.


The Blotlings (as they are nicknamed) are the Phantom Blot's nephews. Admiring their uncle, the Blotlings dress up like him and commit petty crimes, taking advantage of Mickey Mouse's reluctance to be harsh with young children. Fortunately, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, being the same age as the Blotlings, have no such restrictions and are able to subdue the overall rather incompetent brats. In 1974, the Blotlings teamed up with Witchis Witch, the Beagle Brats and the Witch Child to form the 'Naughty Kids Club', to no lasting success.

Behind the scenes

The Blotlings were created in the story The Blotlings Come to Visit (A Visita Dos Manchinhas) and went on to appear in a second one, The Naughty Kids Club (O Clube Dos Peraltas).

These three Blotlings are unrelated to the Wasteland monsters known as Blotlings who serve as the main type of enemy in the video game Epic Mickey and its spin-offs.