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The Three Caballeros is a title referring to a group of three adventurers, first comprised of Don Dugo and his two friends, and later given to the group made up of Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles.


The Three Caballeros were originally founded by three friends, Don Dugo de PatoCaballero Carioca and Caballero Gonzalez. Accompanied by Xandra, the Goddess of Adventure, the three traveled around the world, combating evil and defeating the plans of the dark warlock Felldrake. The three eventually managed to imprison Felldrake within his staff, ending his reign, however, during the battle, Xandra was trapped after Felldrake closed her magical atlas, which remained closed for decades for reasons unknown. It is unknown how or when the original Caballeros disbanded.

Decades later, Clinton Coot studied the history of the Caballeros and built an Adventure Cabana above a secre thideout of theirs he'd found, where he stored many treasures once owned by the Caballeros. Clinton Coot's great-grandson, Donald Duck, also a descendant of Donaldo, co-inherited his cabana along with the other descendants of the Caballeros, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. They (accidentally) released Xandra from her book, and she told them about the original Three Caballeros. Xandra managed to convince the three to take up the helm of the Three Caballeros, and they began to travel the world again, thwarting the plots of Lord Felldrake and his apprentice. After Felldrake's permanent defeat, the modern Three Caballeros remained friends, regrouping on occasions, either for new adventures or simple celebrations.

The Three Caballeros by Don Rosa.

Original Caballeros

New Caballeros


Behind the scenes

The concept of the Three Caballeros first appeared in The Three Caballeros. However Felldrake and his apprentice are both still at large and visiting an old friend.