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The Tick-Tock Crocodile, also known as Tick-Tock Croc or Tick-Tock, is a male, non-anthropomorphic (albeit unusually intelligent) crocodile.


Hatched by a fairy from an egg that somehow found its way to Neverland, this large green crocodile swallowed an alarm clock, (belonging to a ship' cook named Openheimer), whose loud ticking signals his presence whenever he's around. Ever since he tasted Captain Hook's hand, the croc is obsessed with eating the rest of him… Although born a normal crocodile, living for over two hundred years in Neverland has made the crocodile grow progressively more intelligent and anthropomorphic in behavior. Around the 1940's, Hook had managed to get rid of Tick-Tock, who had apparently been banished to Earth (somehow finding himself in the Indian jungle, later in New Zealand, and finally, somehow, in a Calisota zoo), but the crocodile's determination to munch on Hook proved stronger than dimensional displacement and it had found its way home by the 80's.

Behind the scenes

The Crocodile, based on the character of the same name in James M. Barry's Peter Pan play and novel, first appeared in the 1953 animated motion picture Peter Pan.

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