Tidus, also spelled Tidas is a human boy from Destiny Islands, in the Heart Kingdoms.


A friend of Wakka and Selfie, this athletic boy from Destiny Islands was an acquaintance of Sora and Riku prior to the beginnings of their adventures. Armed with iron-clad self-confidence and endless good spirits (it is said that “trying to bring Tidus down is like trying to fall up”), the thirteen-year-old was also encountered as dream or reconstructed versions of himself by Sora during his multiversal travels.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Tidas is a parallel universe counterpart to the one who was the main character in Final Fantasy X, not covered on this Wiki.

In this game, his storyline was that he had been transported into the future after a monster named Sid had destroyed his hometown. The Kingdom Hearts Tidus mentions having had a dream to this effect in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

There, his child self was voiced by Yūto Nakamura in Japanese and Cree Summer in English, and his grown-up self by Masakazu Morita in Japanese and James Arnold Taylor in English. (Amusingly, this means that this Tidus was voiced in succession by Cree Summer and James Arnold Taylor when the two voiced romantic interests Milo Thatch and Kida in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.)

The version of Tidus relevant to this Wiki first appeared in Kingdom Hearts as a resident of Destiny Islands and friend of Sora. In his original appearance, he was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Voice ActorsEdit

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