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Tiffany, also known as the Money Shark or “Jaw$", is a magical shark being whose power and consciousness are contained within an enchanted gem, from the 2017 Continuum.


A creation or belonging of Magica De Spell, Tiffany primarily exists as a large red gem. If placed within a large enough amount of money, the gem's enchantments activate, creating the shape of a gigantic shark out of aggregated coins (the money shark is capable of swimming in money, much as Scrooge McDuck). As she consumes more and more gold, Tiffany will then increase in size and mobility, and gain the ability to grow four spindly legs.

In 2018, the undead Magica programmed Tiffany to seek out Scrooge's Number One Dime and instructed her niece Lena De Spell to sneak the gem into Scrooge's Money Bin, without telling her of the monster it would unleash. Once activated, Tiffany first revealed herself by swallowing Dewey Duck, and later his brothers as well; beyond her sheer reluctance to betray Webby, this made Lena flat-out quit her attempts to get the Dime, for fear of being eaten herself (though it would later turn out the devoured people had simply ended up in a "money cave" within Tiffany, unharmed).

Tiffany soon swallowed Launchpad, Scrooge, and Webby. Lena was sent into the shark's mouth to retrieve the number one dime, but upon seeing that Webby was in danger, decided to use a spell Webby had found in The Grimoire du Merlock, powered by their bond of friendship, to unmake the Money Shark, once again reducing Tiffany to just the inactive gem.

Behind the scenes

Tiffany first appeared in June of 2018 in the DuckTales 2017 episode JAW$