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Tik-Tok is a clockwork man.

Description Edit

Tik-Tok was a mechanical man living in the Land of Oz when he was encountered by a girl named Dorothy Gale. He joined her on her adventures and eventually succeeded in helping her defeat the Nome King. He was briefly turned into a green medal by the king during the confrontation, but Dorothy managed to turn him back by guessing that the medal was him.

After Dorothy returned to the U.S.A., Tik-Tok presumably lived more or less uneventfully in Oz. In the end, a damaged Tik-Tok ended up in Wasteland, where the Mad Doctor seized control of Tik-Tok, rebuilding his lower half into the usual design of a beetleworx and reprogramming him into a minion for himself. This led to Mickey Mouse and Oswald Rabbit (with the help of Gremlin Gus) eventually battling Tik-Tok in the Floatyard and damaging him badly enough that he ceased to function. It is probable that Tik-Tok was repaired, and his mind restored, following the Mad Doctor's reform, probably by the Doctor himself.

Behind the scene Edit

Tik-Tok (or at least the version of Tik-Tok that is canon to the Disneyverse) first appeared in 1985 in Return to Oz. He then reappears, in his basher form, in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

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