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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, though created by or with the help of an established official creator. Time-Locked Cursive-Reading Ability is one of the comic stories of the unofficial Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox ‘verse, created by Rain N. Thirteen. It features Rain's World's Rain and Sheri Santiago and also mentions its Hatbox Ghost (Charlie Hatfield).


Having received Charlie Hatfield's letter, the siblings Rain and Sheri bicker about who'll get to read it first. When Rain gets the upper hand, it turns out that the letter is, in any event, written in such cursive handwriting as to be nearly illegible — at least in Rain's current state of sleep-deprivation.


Behind the scenes

Time-Locked Cursive-Reading Ability was first released in 2021 on the official Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox blog. It was later deleted and re-released due to Sheri transitioning in real life.