The Time-Tuner Vortex Spell is a magical spell.



A spell whose incantation in archaic English hints at its origin, the Time-Tuner Vortex Spell is a fabled magical technique whose secret was believed to have been lost until Magica De Spell tracked down a scroll bearing its incantation in 2007. Magica subsequently used it to ravel back to 1897 Dawson City with the intention of taking the Number One Dime from Scrooge McDuck. Having failed to consult Time-Traveling Theory for Idiots first, however, Magica was quite dismayed to discover upon her return that her actions had rewritten the timeline, and Scrooge, far from the richest duck in the world, was now a wandering minstrel — which made the Dime useless to her. Complaining all the way, Magica was forced to travel back in time a second time and undo her work by returning the Dime to Scrooge.

Casting & EffectsEdit

The Time-Tuner Vortex Spell allows its caster to travel back to the time period of their choice (and in the location of their choice at that), though it prevents them from taking much luggage with them; Magica's raven and a crystal ball already stretched the Spell's limits.

As its name implies, the Spell does so by transporting the user through the Time Vortex, protected by a magical aura of golden sparks, which dissipate upon arrival in the chosen time period. The Spell also allows for return trips, though the words of its incantation suggest it cannot take its caster into the future in earnest. 

As documented by Time-Traveling Theory for Idiots, the Vortex Spell offers the sort of time travel which allows the time-traveler to alter past events and rewrite history. Upon returning to the present, the time-traveler would be the only one to remember the original state of affairs, with the world around them having been rewritten according to the revised history. 

Behind the scenesEdit

The Time-Tuner Vortex Spell appears in the 2007 story The Time Vortex.

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