The Time Clock is a time machine found in the 2017 Continuum.


The Time Clock, kept by Scrooge in his Manor, is a time machine shaped like a grandfather clock. After it is set on a specific time period by positioning its hands, whoever is standing in front of it will be zapped back in time, and (after enough time to have an adventure) zapped back to the present just a second after they disappeared. When Louie Duck unwittingly activated it on Scrooge McDuck in 2017, it seemed to be malfunctioning, causing temporal anomalies in its vicinity once switched on — such as sending a pterosaur soaring through the skies of Duckburg.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Time Clock is seen in the Meet Scrooge! sequence of Welcome to Duckburg.

The presence of a rectangular time machine in Scrooge's home is an allusion to the Doctor and his TARDIS, as David Tennant (who voices the 2017 Continuum iteration of Scrooge) used to hold the part of the Doctor. In being shaped like a clock, the Time Clock also echoes another time machine from Doctor Who, the Master's TARDIS.

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