Time Has Stopped in Duckburg is a scientific thesis book published by Professor Batty in 2014 .


Time Has Stopped in Duckburg was the book Professor Batty wrote compiling his studies of the curious fact that most people in Duckburg had, by 2014, not aged a day since the 1950's, yet didn't seem to question or even realize this startling fact. It also included copious material on Batty's pet theory that this was a side-effect of most prominent Duckburgers' lives being told as comic-books — the idea seemingly being that there was a sort of feedback effect in place where the comic-book convention of an unchanging, never-questioned status quo ended up influencing the real world.

Smelling opportunity, Donald Duck convinced Scrooge McDuck to help publish and promote the book, and the "rejuvenation cure" that went with it (spending a few weeks in the home of a comic charcter). There were no significant results from this gambit, of course, and after abandoning this theory for another, even nuttier one, Batty began work on a new draft, now entitled Reading Comic Books Rejuvenates.

Behind the scenesEdit

Time Has Stopped in Duckburg appears in the 2014 story Family Ties.

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