The Time Machine is a spherical interdimensional vehicle.


This device was one of the many time machines built by Gyro Gearloose, in this case in 1973. A reddish, spherical time machine with a year counter on the outside, it functioned by gyrating rapidly, creating a greenish time vortex to the desired time period with a “BLOOP” sound. The machine's insides were small but relatively comfy, with chairs which had seat-belts and cushions that (in the "unlikely event" of a water landing) could double as flotation devices. Like all of Gyro's time machines, the vehicle also seemed to have a built-in universal translator allowing passengers to understand the language of the time period they arrived in.

Though it never worked quite right, as its century-selecting lever constantly got jammed, Scrooge McDuck insisted that he, Gyro and Donald use this time machine for one particular time-hopping expedition that took them to the distant past of Ancient Egypt and then to a nightmarish far-off future that saw mankind go extinct and the Earth be destroyed. Gyro presumably retired the machine due to its faulty direction, though elements of its design appeared to have been carried over into Gyro's later, more enduring temporal vehicle, the Time Coupe.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Time Machine appears in the 1973 story Money is the Root of Upheaval.

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