The Time Machine is a time machine invented by Ludwig von Drake.

Description[edit | edit source]

Showcased in February of 2019 at a Hall of Science exhibit of his latest inventions, this Time Machine built by Ludwig von Drake was considered by him to be the most dangerous item in the entire exhibition. Unlike most time machines, this one didn't itself travel back through the Time Vortex, but instead powered and released two identical Time Pods which served as the temporal vehicles.

In February of 2019, Goofy, having confused the Pods for the Hall of Science's bathroom, accidentally used one of the two to travel back to the Jurassic period. As he hadn't steered the machine properly, he caused catastrophic ripples throughout time, eventually corrupting the timeline into a chaotic alternate universe where every living thing, and quite a few inanimate things too, resembled him in appearance and personality.

Before the "goofification" process caught up with them back in 2019, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck managed to hop into the remaining Time Pod. They abducted Goofy back to the present day and prevented him from ever setting out for the Jurassic in the first place, canceling the Goofified Timeline altogether.

However, this left two separate sets of Mickey, Donald and Goofy in existence, one slightly younger than the other; and what's more, part of Donald Duck's body had stayed behind in the Jurassic, which launched another timeline corruption altogether. It is likely that the courageous trio once again used the Machine to put this to right, after which it was no doubt retired from the exhibit for being much, much too dangerous.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This Time Machine appears in the 2019 Mickey Mouse: The Series cartoon, Outta Time.

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