This is a work-in-progress unified timeline of the Disney Comics Universe.



Ancient TimesEdit

  • 6586 B.C.E. : The mainland of Atlantis sinks.[2]
  • 2800 B.C.E. : King Tutanbuono is betrayed by his counselors, frozen in time and sealed within his sarcophagus.[3]
  • 50 B.C.E. : Approximate date of the events of the Asterix comic series.[4]
  • 0 C.E. : Supposed birth of Jesus Christ.

Dark AgesEdit

Medieval TimesEdit


17th CenturyEdit

18th CenturyEdit

19th CenturyEdit

20th CenturyEdit

21st CenturyEdit

  • 2000 C.E. : Meringue the Malevolent is freed just before New Year's and attempts to take over the world, but is sucked in a magical wormhole instead.[46]
  • ...

... Edit

23d Century Edit

  • 2267 C.E. : In one potential future, Scrooge McDuck is still alive and well to celebrate his 400th birthday and is interviewed for the occasion.[49]

... Edit

25th Century Edit

  • 2447 C.E. : In one potential future, apparent "home year" of Eega Beeva and the rest of the Beevans who established an Earth colony in the past; at the very least a year in Earth's history that Eega Beeva enjoys visiting.[50]


27th CenturyEdit


102nd CenturyEdit

  • In one potential future, Law Robots are active on Earth, and, among other potential felonies, prosecute crimes against time.[52]


2500th CenturyEdit

  • Space is filled with spaceships; all sapient beings in the universe have achieved eternal life; sentient robots are commonplace.[53]


4221st CenturyEdit

  • 422004 C.E. : In one possible future timeline, a nightmarish society composed only of greedy businessmen who spend their days minting more coin to enjoy controls the Earth, controlled by a string of magnates who can only stay in power one day before the others execute them.[54]


4770th Century:Edit

  • Approximate date of the beginning of the Great Wealth Wars.[55]

4871st CenturyEdit

  • 487000 C.E. : In one possible future timeline, the Great Wealth Wars have been over for an unspecified amount of time. Mankind goes extinct and the Moon collides with the Earth, destroying the planet.[56]


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