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Tinker Bell is a female pixie.


Once one of the many 'tinkerer' fairies of Pixie Hollow in Neverland, Tinker Bell, a youthful, curious and very attractive pixie, gave it all up when she met mischievous Lost Boy Peter Pan, with whom she shares a special bond (to the point that she is very jealous of other females who try to get near him). Peter (along with the other Lost Boys and Captain Hook) is one of the only people who understand her speech, which, like that of the other Neverland pixies, comes out in the forms of unintelligible tinkling.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tinker Bell, based on the character of the same name in James M. Barry's Peter Pan play and novel, first appeared in the 1953 animated motion picture Peter Pan.

Voice ActorsEdit

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