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Titus Wadly, formerly known as Mac the Mechanic, and also spelled Waddly, is an anthropomorphic duck.


Titus Wadly (who is presumably no relation to chauffeur James Wadly, as they are different species) is one of Scrooge McDuck's most enduring employees. Titus is as stingy as his boss, but used to be a crook by the name of "Mac the Mechanic", who was very good at designing or disabling booby-traps. After Mac proved the only man to defeat the Money Bin's first security system, though he was still caught in the end, Scrooge hired him fresh out of jail to help design the later additions to security.

Scrooge had become endeared to Wadly and kept him around the Bin ever since in various positions. Unfortunately, Wadly is something of an idiot savant, who proved to make a very dim-witted security guard, and only a barely competent secretary. Wadly was, at one point, the only man guarding the Money Bin, which Scrooge, for the sake of stinginess, insisted was enough. Wadly's incompetence, of course, eventually proved him wrong. Wadly gets along famously with Super Goof and has occasionally turned into "Super Wadly" by eating some super-goobers lent to him by Super Goof.

Behind the scenes

He first appeared in the 1967 story Bye, Bye, Bin, where he was called "Waddly", and a surprisingly non-stupid version of him was seen in Mysterious Cargo to Istandupp the next year. These first appearances, because of the spelling discrepancies and different physical appearance, respectively, are not indexed by I.N.D.U.C.K.S., which lists the 1971 The Mysterious Black Pearl Ring as his first appearance instead.