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To the Rescue is a cartoon story. It features Chip and Dale, and, in their debut, Monterey Jack, Gadget Hackwrench, Zipper, Donald Drake, Plato, Fat Cat, and Aldrin Klordane.

Description Edit

A criminal mastermind named Aldrin Klordane and his pet cat, Fat Cat, frame an aging police detective, Donald Drake, and his canine companion, Plato, for stealing a priceless ruby. While the human police try to get Drake to confess to the crime, a pair of chipmunks named Chip and Dale help Plato find the real culprits — and get some help from a globe-trotting Australian mouse named Monterey Jack, a housefly named Zipper, and a beautiful, but orphaned and absent-minded engineer named Gadget Hackwrench.

Behind the scenes Edit

To the Rescue is the five-part pilot of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersChip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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