Toby 'Tort'us is a comic story. It features Mickey Mouse and Toby Tortoise, also mentioning Humpty Dumpty in its narration.

Description Edit

After Toby falls off a wall and cracks his shell, Mickey fixes it for him with KIWI Boot Polish.

Behind the scenes Edit

Toby 'Tort'us was (presumably) first published in the British Mickey Mouse Annual #11. It is unknown if it was ever reprinted, as it does not have an entry in I.N.D.U.C.K.S.. The comic is an advertisement for KIWI Boot Polish, and is part of a series of similar advertisements. It does not appear to be drawn by Wilfred Haughton, unlike most stories in the Annual, and the writer is also unknown. It is possible that an advertising writer from KIWI itself wrote the comic, and an artist from the company may have drawn it as well.

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