The Toll Booth is a sentient mechanical toll booth of unclear origins.


Whether it was created from the get-go as a high-tech robotized toll booth, or gained sentience somehow, this innocuous-looking Toll Booth is capable of detecting fraud and reacting by uprooting itself from its normal position and chasing after the fraudsters to get the rightful toll out of them (75 cents, as it constantly repeats in a monotone voice) or else exact bloody revenge upon them. Highly intelligent and adaptive, the Booth has displayed the ability to steer trolleys and boats, and even to fly on its own power like a jet-powered aeroplane. As Mickey Mouse eventually found out after having been chased by the Booth all through Sans Souci Gardens, however, the moment it is paid its due however, it is instantly pacified, and will return home with a friendly wave of its "arm" in goodbye.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Toll Booth appears in the 2019 cartoon From Whom the Booth Tolls. In a fun cameo, its monotone "Please - insert - 25 - cents" mantra was provided by series creator Paul Rudish.

Voice ActorsEdit

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