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Tomato Soup Land is a park somewhere in the U.S.A., possibly in Calisota.


At some point prior to 2009, Emily Quackfaster took her teenaged nephew on a fun-filled outing to the amusement park “Tomato Soup Land”, which, as its name implies, is for some reason themed around tomato soup. Among popular activities to be had there, it is possible for guests to dress up in large, plushy-looking tomato suits and have one's pictures taken. The entrance fee when the Quackfasters visited was of 25 dollars — which Scrooge McDuck decried as "highway robbery" before being struck by the idea that if it was truly so profitable, a theme park might not be such a bad venture to try for himself (an epiphany which prompted him to briefly turn his Money Bin into the disastrously unsuccessful theme park "Bin World").

Behind the scenes

Tomato Soup Land is mentioned in the 2009 comic story Bin World.