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Toon Donald Duck is a Toon version of Donald Duck.


Toon Donald Duck was presumably created to star in cartoon adaptations of the real Donald Duck's life when Donald himself wasn't available. A very faithful copy of the original, this Donald shares bad temper and ego with the original. To satisfy the latter, he usually answered Donald's fan mail in his place. He lives in a "house" that is more of a cartoon castle and drives an absurdly malleable version of the 313.

In the 1940's, Donald would occasionally perform at the Ink and Paint Club in the free time that the real Donald Duck's habit of starring in live-action films akin to his cartoons gave him. In 1947, Toon Donald got into a piano battle (which quickly escalated into a real battle) with fellow Toon Daffy Duck. Toon Donald won the battle.

Behind the scenes

Toon Donald Duck first appeared in A Day in the Life of Donald Duck in 1956, and then more recently in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Of course, a number of the Donald Duck cartoons as they exist in-universe supposedly starred him (though others are actually live-action films featuring the real Donald).

There exists a Toon Daisy Duck, though it is unknown if she is even on cordial terms with Toon Donald.

Voice Actors

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